March 27, 2017

This New Chemical-Free Technology Might Get Rid of Mold!


 Mold has been terrorizing fruits, bread, dairy, and more for centuries, causing uneaten food to be thrown away and wasted.  Now a new technology may literally be "Breaking the Mold".  The chemical-free process is being tested at Murdoch University and has been proven to work so far on a variety of different foods.  The process consists of producing plasma through an electrical charge.  The plasma flame that is produced is applied to the food, which in turn creates a coating on the surface of the food that kills mold spores.  The process seems pretty harmless, but I'm sure there will be years more of testing before it is even considered being introduced to the public.  Dr. Kristy Bayliss, who has been working on the technology, says that it could help to greatly reduce food waste.  I personally can't wait to see if this technology will hit the market, it could mean a major change in the food industry, so definitely keep your ears open for it!