February 21, 2017

This Hover Bike is Straight from the Future!



 For decades, we've seen unbelievable displays of technology and futuristic devices in movies, and most of what was portrayed seemed to never be a real possibility.  Recently however, we've seem some pretty impressive things being introduced to market.  Phones with video chat capabilities, hover-boards, digital assistants, jetpacks, drones, and more technology that was only seen on the big-screen is now a reality.  Hovering vehicles have been present in many films from Star Wars to The Fifth Element.  Now, these vehicles are actually being made and tested out.  One company called Hoversurf has invented a Hoverbike Scorpion that has propellors and frankly looks extremely fun to ride.  There's no telling when or if this will actually go to market, but man does it look cool.  Check out the short demo below and check out their website here.