July 23, 2018

This Headset Allows You to Control Lights with Your Brain

 brain activity


 Say goodbye Mood Ring and hello to Electroencephalography. Ok maybe the two aren't the same; in fact EEG is way more complex.  It records electrical activity in the brain.  At the University of Nottingham, they created a demonstration that uses a headset to show EEG in action.  The headset detects electrical activity in the brain and then displays changes on a lighting system.  The most basic things the system portrays are lights changing all red when the users eyes are closed, and then turning all blue when the eyes are opened (due to an increase in stimulation and brain activity).  They are working on more complex headsets and methods to measure brain activity and they predict that this technology will be readily available in about 10 years.  We're excited to see how this technology can be used in new and creative ways! Check it out in action below!