July 10, 2017

This Frisbee Camera Captures HD Video


 Our current generation is obsessed with getting everything on film and in high definition.  We have go-pros, drones, HD smartphones and more.  In addition, there are countless apps that allow you to share your videos in creative ways.  The VFO HD Camera Frisbee is another product that allows you to capture videos in a unique way... while playing frisbee.  The camera is attached with an independent bearing between the camera and the frisbee so that the camera doesn't spin with the frisbee.  Essentially the device turns your frisbee into a flying camera drone, except a cheaper version.  At just $60 on amazon this frisbee cam could be the perfect attachment for an avid frisbee player.  I can imagine people getting really creative with the footage they capture; whether it be with their friends or their pets.  Purchase it HERE!


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