April 12, 2017

This Edible Water Blob Could Replace Plastic Bottles


 Plastic pollution is a huge global problem that has plagued our planet for a while now.  Although people are aware of the situation, we still continue to manufacture and use harmful plastics.  Skipping Rocks Lab has developed a solution to combat the plastic water bottle problem.  They have created "Ooho", and edible water orb that is biodegradable.  Ooho is basically a water blob that can be quickly popped in your mouth.  It's completely biodegradable and instead of plastic it is made from 100% brown algae.  This type of packaging can encapsulate any type of beverage, including water, soft drinks, or alcoholic beverage.  Beyond the eco-friendly approach, Ooho could be a fun way to consume becerages.  Check out Ooho on CrowdCube HERE, and watch the video below to learn more.


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