April 18, 2018

This Edible 6-Pack Ring Feeds Sea Animals



 Earth Day is approaching, and many people will take time out to spread some awareness on environmental issues.  Most of these issues need much more awareness than just one day, however.  Ocean plastic pollution is one of these issues.  Many companies, such as Just Water, keep this pollution in mind and decide to produce packaging out of biodegradable materials. SaltWater Brewery in South Florida is another company that is conscious of this pollution and wants to do something about it.  They are now testing out new edible 6-pack rings made from wheat and barley.  The best part about it is that the rings, designed by start-up E6PR, are not harmful when ingested by sea animals.  Check out some images of the rings below and make sure you are staying conscious about plastic waste!

biodegradable beer rings

beer rings