September 06, 2017

This Drone can Deliver Medical Supplies to Remote Areas


 With the constant production of drones and the worlds obsession with the technology over the past decade, its great to see drones being used in new and innovative ways.  Specifically, it is great to see drones being used to better our planet.  We already showed you a drone that can plant trees.  Now, there is a drone that can deliver life-saving packages to remote areas.  Zipline is a drone that is able to carry up to 500 packs of medical supplies to any area of Rwanda. The actual travel time is 15-35 minutes and is activated by a simple text from a health worker.  From there, the distribution center puts the order together, dispatches the drone, and drops the items via parachute.  The project, which is in collaboration with the Rwandan government, is aimed to improve life for those with little access to medical support.  Check out a (very) short video of the drone below


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