July 29, 2019

This Digital Planter Helps Your Plant "Communicate" with You



 Imagine if plants could talk and show emotion, would we treat them better? German tech company Mu Design has created a digital, emotive pot to help you "communicate" through your plant.  Communicating with plants is not a new idea; in fact, some people believe that talking to plants can stimulate growth.  DJ Khaled, for example, is a huge advocate of talking to his plants.  Mu design came up with an idea that is quite the opposite, however. Their pot, named Lua, allows the plant to "communicate" to you.  Their digital planter is somewhat of a giant Tamagotchi.  The planter has a digital face that helps communicate when the plant needs watering or if it's over-watered.  It even tells when the plant is somewhere too hot or too cold. Lua, the cheerful plant monitor is now available on indiegogo and has already surpassed its funding goal. Check it out HERE and watch the video below to see Lua in action!