July 31, 2019

This Company Turns Plastic Waste into Reusable Packaging

 loop plastics


 Loop Industries is a company based around upcycling plastics.  The name "loop" is a perfect fit for the company because they have developed a process that can allow plastics to be reused over and over again.  Loop takes already-existing plastic products and polyester-fiber materials and breaks them down to their simplest form, they then build them back up into small plastic pellets that can be used for reusable packaging.  What's most surprising about this whole process is that it doesn't require the use of petroleum or natural gas!

Loop's finished products are already being used by major companies such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Evian and they are currently building their first American facility in South Carolina. We hope to see Loop expand more and open up more facilities, as the rate of plastic pollution and the number of plastics in our oceans are alarming. Watch the video below to get an inside look as to how the Loop process works.