November 25, 2019

This Book Grows a Real Garden to Teach Children Patience

 the boy who couldnt wait


 It's amazing the impact one book can have on a child.  I'm pretty sure there are books that you may have read as a child that you still remember to this day.  Nowadays, with ipads, video games, Netflix, and all sorts of entertainment for children, the value of a good book with a good lesson is sometimes underestimated.  Well, Vietnam-based concept store "Green Around the Corner" understands the power of a book, especially an interactive one.  Their new upcoming book release entitled "The Boy Who Couldn't Wait" is a magical book that teaches the virtue of patience and the beauty of growth.  The book is about a boy who lacks patience until he stumbles upon a book that simply tells him to wait. Further along on his journey, he is instructed to pick up a pail and water one of the pages towards the end.  Subsequently, in the book, once that page is actually watered it will eventually sprout a tiny garden.  This interactive book is sure to have an impact on children who experience it and will hopefully teach patience in this fast-moving world. In addition, it's also important to mention that the book is made from 100% recycled paper.  The book is expected to be released around the Christmas holiday and is available for pre-order by contacting  Check out the video below from their Instagram page to see the process of the book.