November 15, 2018

This Artist Makes Portraits out of Hundreds of Rubiks Cubes

 Bob Marley


  Art can be many things.  It can be a mural on a wall, a painted canvas, a wooden sculpture.  When we think of art, conventional things usually come to mind; but it is the unconventional art that usually leaves a lasting impression.  Giovanni Contardi aka @jvenb on instagram is an artist that creates portraits using hundreds of Rubik's Cubes.  The former world record holder hails from New York and his works are simply stunning.  From one quick glance of his Instagram page, you can see that his work is very meticulous and done with painstaking care.  Complex gave Giovanni a shoutout on their page yesterday and for obvious reasons.  The works require two skills; 1. Being able to solve and manipulate Rubik's cubes, and 2. Knowing how to piece together an accurate portrait.  Check out some of his work below and check out his instagram page HERE.

   childish gambino cubes

amy winehouse rubiks cube