July 01, 2019

This 25-Year-Old Started His Own Uber-like Barber Business

 trim it van


 Taking a trip to the barbershop can sometimes be stressful.  Without an appointment, you can potentially be waiting in line for a haircut for a long time. In addition, with long lines, the barber may rush your haircut and not cut it to your specific wants.  Darren Tenkorang, a 25-Year-Old from London, recognized all of these issues and decided to do something about it. After winning a cash prize at a business competition, his idea started to roll out... literally.  His take on the barbershop was to put it on wheels.  His uber-like business is called "Trim-it" and it allows customers to order a haircut right to their door.  After ordering through the app one of the "Trim-It" Vans pulls up and the customer can get their haircut in comfort, without worrying about long waits.  For those who love the convenience of avoiding lines and not having their schedule for the day messed up, Trim-it seems like the perfect haircut solution.  Check out the video below to learn more about how the business started.