May 01, 2019

These Students Use Lobster Shells to Make BioPlastics

 shellworks lobster bioplastic


  Crustacean waste may not seem like a practical material to create bioplastic but surprisingly it is.  In fact, over 250,000 tons of crustacean waste are produced every year (and that's just in the EU alone).  Apparently, people love eating crustaceans.  What if there was a way to re-use this waste and give it a second life; well there is!  A student startup named Shellworks is doing just that.  They are using lobster shells to replace single-use plastics.  They have shown that lobster shells can be repurposed into bags, packaging, planters, wallets, and more.  Their operation seems pretty small right now, but hopefully, it can scale up sometime in the near future! Check out the process below to see how they go from lobster shell waste to bioplastic.