May 06, 2019

These Speakers are Made From NonRecyclable Plastic Bags

 gomi speakerss


 Single-use plastic pollution is a huge problem around the world, but thankfully many people are starting to wake up and change their habits.  Others are coming up with innovative ways to recycle and reuse plastics.  Plastic bags are a huge contributor to the plastic pollution issue, and people usually only use it once.  Gomi Designs in Brighton, England, however, came up with an innovative product to help with the plastic bag waste issue.  They have developed Bluetooth speakers that are made from melted down plastic bags.  The combination of the multiple colors of bags creates a cool marble looking speaker once melted and molded to the appropriate shape.  The plastic bags are sent to them by big companies or are collected by the team at Gomi Designs.  It's interesting to see how something as simple as plastic bags can be transformed into the design of speakers.  Check out the video below to see the building process!