August 17, 2017

These Impounded Shared Bikes Create a Colorful Bike Graveyard


 The city of Hefei in China is huge on the bike-sharing phenomenon, which leaves bikes around the city for shared use to encourage green-friendly travel. One may think of this as an awesome idea.  How could bicycle sharing be bad? Well apparently the bikes that were scattered around the city started to become a problem.  Bicycles were being found in random places and even violating parking violations, so much so that the city started impounding the bikes.  But where do all the bikes go when they are impounded? They go to a huge playground that was originally owned by a school.  A whopping 10,000 bikes are being stored in the space! Ironically the different colored bikes make for a beautiful sight.  A great idea with good intentions turned into a mess, and then the clean up of that mess eventually became an accidental piece of abstract art. Crazy how life works.  Check out some images of the bike graveyard below!