March 16, 2018

These Augmented Reality Maps Change When You Touch Them



 One of the most effective ways to teach is through interactive examples.  There is something about hands-on learning that leaves a lasting impression on the mind.  Science is one of those subjects where it is easy to teach through experiments and hands-on projects.  One specific way to teach people about Geography is a Topographic map, which uses details and contoured lines to display the physical features of the Earth.  Well with new technology, these Topographic maps can be made to be more interactive.  With sensors and projectors, you can transform a typical sandbox into an augmented reality map.  Once the sand in the sandbox is moved and altered by hand, the sensor detects the changes and projects the corresponding topographic changes on to the sand.  Watch the video below to see this type of augmented reality map in action, it's a sight to see!