August 29, 2019

These 16 Inventions are Great Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

 renewable energy


 For centuries, fossil fuels have been used to power the many things we use as a society. As we know, however, fossil fuels are classified as non-renewable because they take millions of years to form.  In addition, when fossil fuels are burned they create pollution.   Due to these setbacks, other forms of energy have been developed over the years; methods that are renewable and cause little to no pollution.  A lot of these methods were created to utilize the earth's sun, wind, and water as opposed to fossil fuel.  You would be surprised the many different inventions that are out there right now and generating renewable energy.  There just simply isn't much awareness about these methods. Well, Tech Insider took to their youtube channel to put together a list of 16 of these innovative inventions that are getting us off fossil fuels.  Check out the video below and share this post with others to raise awareness about the many different forms of renewable energy!