January 25, 2017

'The System'- J. Cole Short Movie



 J. Cole has been on a great run.  His past two albums have done amazing commercially, solidifying his name in the rap game and essentially making him a young legend.  Despite all the success, a lot of things are weighing heavy on J. Cole's mind.  The current system and how the music industry "pimps" artists is one of these things. J Cole talks about this and a few other things that he has realized since being in the game in "The System".  "The System" is a fan made short movie that takes audio clips from a J. Cole interview merged with behind the scene video clips.  The short movie is essentially J. Cole stepping back and seeing things from an "aerial view".  At this point he's focusing on love and things that are most important, because as he states "Success is a drug and you can never get enough".  Check out the short movie below.