March 03, 2017

The Streetwear Grandpa


 I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Age aint nothin but a number"; well for Alojz Abram, this phrase applies to his choice of style.  The 71-Year-Old grandpa, who lives in Germany, got into streetwear from his 20 year old grandson Jannik Diefenbach, and has been swaggin out ever since.  It may seem kind of ironic seeing Alojz draped in brands such as Supreme, Stussy, Adidas, and Louis Vuitton, but he says he enjoys the look and how he stands out.  Alojz is definitely Cut From A Different Cloth; he's proving that there are no boundaries in fashion. Just because you are a certain age, doesn't mean you must dress a certain way.  Check out some of the fits that Alojz adorns in the video below, or follow Jannik's instagram account for some more looks.