May 11, 2017

The Sims Mobile Coming to IOS and Android Devices



 The Sims videogame series has had an extremely long run and they are not letting up.  If you were born in the last few decades and are into games, it is highly likely that you have played the Sims before at least once.  The game is a life simulation videogame which has sold 200 million copies worldwide... pretty impressive right? Well now, we'll have yet another reason to keep our heads in our phones with "The Sims Mobile".  Are you getting up in age and feeling pretty down about not having started a family of your own yet? Don't worry just start one in The Sims; in fact start a whole new successful career, become a doctor, or get some pets.  The fun behind The Sims comes from being able to "live" a different life than your own, or at least feeling like you have some god-like control over sim characters.  Let's just hope that that fun translates to the mobile version.  Check out the trailer below! 


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