July 24, 2018

The Only Water Jug that Knows How to Multitask


 It goes without saying how essential hydration is in our everyday lives and especially when working out.  In fact, if you visit your local gym you can spot plenty of gym-goers carrying around a water-bottle, jug, or workout supplement.  Well, Hydration Junkie has introduced the only water jug that knows how to multi-task.  It truly is the jug to end all jugs.  The Hydration Junkie Transporter Jug allows you to keep all your belongings in one place while working out, right on your jug.  The jug has a detachable carabiner keychain, a credit card/cash stash pocket, and a magnetized spot for your phone (If you like to record workout videos, the magnetized holder can also be useful when taking videos). Now you can get in your zone and workout in peace, knowing that all your small and important belongings are in one place. The 3 liter jug is BPA/BPS free, shatter resistant, odorless, and dish washer safe; it's also made out of industry leading Tritan material, that is used in the medical and baby bottle industries, among others. Check out the Hydration Junkie Jug below and make sure to head over to the Kickstarter campaign HERE to get the jug at an amazing discounted price!