April 17, 2017

The Ocean: More Than Just a Big Fish Toilet



 Oceans make up much of our earth’s surface. Their currents help influence the weather, sea life is used for a food source, and people use them for a variety of leisure activities, among other things. The oceans have been absorbing nutrients for millions of years and due to this, has a multitude of life in it, some that have not even been discovered yet! Many cultures honor the ocean and with the benefits of living near it, maybe everyone should as well.

The air by the ocean is considerably cleaner and is beneficial to people. Because of the high salt content of the ocean, the sea breeze is charged with negative ions. The constant use of electronics such as TVs, computers, fluorescent lights, washing machines and other equipment in every aspect of our lives has charged most of our environments with positive ions. This excess amount of positive ions can lead to reduced energy levels, tension, anxiety and being easily annoyed. Positive ions are also more prevalent before a thunderstorm which is why some people feel more uneasy or “off” before a large storm. The negative ions that flow inland from the ocean’s breeze have a very uplifting and calming effect on our bodies. Additionally, breathing the air also helps with breathing congestion and other lung issues.

Swimming in the ocean also has many benefits. For anyone with skin problems, the ocean can help soothe and clean cuts or scrapes. The salt content in the ocean is the best antiseptic and natural soothing agent. The makeup of ocean water is fairly similar to human blood and by swimming in it, our skin soaks up the stew of beneficial minerals and compounds. Swimming is not just a good exercise activity. When our bodies float in water, less blood is sent to our lower limbs since we are not standing. This allows more blood flow to our chest, our heart, and because of that, our brains.

The sound of waves crashing in itself is soothing. The consistent sound of crashing waves has been shown to alter brain wave patterns allowing us to fall asleep into a deeper sleep. Many people I know use various apps on their smart devices to have thunderstorms and rain storms lull them to sleep and waves crashing is always an option as well. Many use the sound of oceans and waves crashing in yoga and meditation practices. Spending the day by the ocean is also good for the sun exposure and vitamin D that we can soak up as well as the water.

Many people say they feel closer to the Earth when they are by the ocean. The ocean is this behemoth of an environment that emcompasses our Earth. With polluting and overfishing, people are quickly and efficiently damaging this vast ecosystem. Many think there is nothing an individual can do. But simple things such as recycling, using ecofriendly soaps and cleaners, and switching to natural and non synthetic clothes can help greatly. By simply washing clothes that are made synthetically, the fibers from the clothes are washed out with the waste water and have been accumulating in the waterways around the world. Now on the other hand, clothes made from hemp have less “wear and tear” and their fibers would not pose an environmental threat. So next time you go for a swim in ocean, look at it as a piece of yourself and not just for fish. ‘Til next type - M.

Written by Michael Dour