May 30, 2018

The New Inflatable Zen Float Tank

 zen floating tank


 If you've ever floated on water, you know it can be a relaxing experience (as long as there aren't other people near you causing commotion).  It's a peaceful relaxation where you let go of all control of your body and let it rest in stillness.  Now you can achieve this peace in the comfort of your home.  With the Zen Float Tank, you can float right in your living space. The tank is super portable and inflatable.  It can be brought into any room and inflated for whenever you feel the need to float and relax.  Obviously this tank isn't for everyone as water in a tight enclosed tank may create some anxiety, but it's definitely a good idea for those who are into using floating as a means of relaxation.  Head over to their kickstarter page to learn more.


zen tank