July 05, 2017

Paper Saver: The Most Eco-Friendly Notebook


 Many people criticize the paper industry for destroying countless trees; a huge contributor to the destruction of these trees are notebooks.  Over time, there have been notebook brands that use recycled materials, which is definitely a step forward.  "The Paper Saver" notebook has a completely different approach however. It is a notebook that comes with no paper in it.  The Paper Saver is made for people to use old printed papers they have lying around.  We all have taken notes on the back of some already printed paper, and the Paper Saver makes it that much more convenient to do so.  Simply push a stack of your scrap paper in the binding of the notebook and you are ready to write.  The Paper Saver truly is the last notebook you will ever need.  Check out some images below and purchase HERE.


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