June 22, 2017

Ki Ecobe: Customize Your Footwear to Your Life



 In a world that always urges people to buy the latest and newest thing, KI Ecobe is taking a different approach. They have created a shoe that you can wear so many different ways you may not ever have to buy another pair of shoes.  These highly customizable shoes consist of an inboot, outsole, KI strap, insole, and laces.  The fact that the shoes have so many movable parts allow the shoes to be worn 10,125 different ways.  This is unheard of when it comes to a shoe!  The shoes are also very durable and the inboot can easily be thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned.  The shoe also uses no toxic adhesives; allowing the owner to assemble and customize the shoe themselves.  This is the perfect shoe for someone who wants to live a minimalistic lifestyle.  Check out the video below to learn more and head over to their kickstarter page to grab these customizable shoes!


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