January 23, 2019

The Many Different Ways to Take CBD Oil

cbd oil



Taking CBD has been an act that majority of society frowned at, but in recent times CBD is beginning to have more and more consumers. Now, those who have frowned at it are now smiling because of its high benefits for the human body. Science has confirmed that there are no adverse effects of consuming CBD and that CBD works with the endocannabinoid present in our body to increase the state of health and wellness of one's body, so more people are consuming it. CBD is a non-psychoactive element of cannabis. Athletes in recent time are beginning to consume CBD to help them in their activities.

There are several ways of getting CBD into our system, some method suit people that are having health issues, while others are just a way of making it’s consumption easy and fun. There are four major ways of taking in CBD; Ingesting it orally, Inhalation, Topical application and Sublingual

Ingesting it orally

Ingesting CBD orally means taking it into your system through your mouth, this is done with capsules and pills and there is no big deal to this as there are no laid down rules to be followed, it is more like taking a normal capsule or pill where you can follow the dosage since the pills are already measured in milligrams. This method takes more time to feel the signs and effect after it's taken, but its effects and signs seem to stay longer in the body system



This method involves taking in CBD into the body through the nose by inhaling either smoke or vapor. This method is most suitable for those that are used to smoking already. This method sends the CBD straight to the lungs channeling it down to the bloodstream from where it will circulate. The oil for this method is in a vaporized e-juice.

Topical application

Topical application has to do with the application of CBD to the upper layer of our skin; this does not get the CBD to the bloodstream. These type of CBD comes in shampoo, lotions, soaps, and moisturizers containing CBD.


Sublingual application has to do with administering the CBD under the tongue; this method lets the compound of the CBD to be absorbed into the capillaries present in the mucous membrane which sends it straight to the bloodstream. This method allows the CBD to go straight to the bloodstream without having contact with the digestive system. This method has a long-lasting and immediate relief because the remain of the CBD is swallowed to digest.


There are other methods categorized under these above-mentioned methods

  • Herb Artichoke dip and Cheesy Garlic;  This is a combination of parmesan cheese, garlic, cream cheese, artichoke heart, and CBD oil.
  • Fruit Smoothies; Fruit smoothies can be made and spiced up with CBD. A combination of apple, ginger, kale, carrot blended and mixed with CBD oil and blended properly makes a proper food supplement. Cannabidiol oil is a natural herb which makes it compatible with the natural fruit smoothies. Say it’s having a sip of health.
  • Chocolate Stout Truffles; This is a combination of different ingredients.  Materials needed are chopped chocolate, half cup sweetened condensed milk, half cup of chocolate stout, salt (pinch), edible gold leaf and cocoa powder and CBD tincture. Kids should also stay healthy, but the dosage should be controlled.
  • CBD Labneh; This is a Greek made yogurt used to make cheese, with a combination of lemon and CBD oil. Enjoying cheese and staying healthy.
  • Drawn butter; A combination of butter in any form and CBD is a nice take when trying to take your CBD in a stylish way. Now you can consume butter, stay healthy, ease tension and have a good feeling as a plus
  • CBD Coffee; Getting your morning coffee with some tincture of hemp to spice will sure make a good kick start for the day
  • CBD infused gourmet popcorn; Having a nice feeling when you are watching a movie on Netflix, would just make a great movie time. Add a capsule to your popcorn butter if you want to work with measurement or better still a few drops of the CBD oil to your popcorn butter would make a nice experience. It’s simply having a nice time, having a nice feeling and improving your health.
  • CBD olive oil; Mixing up the CBD oil with your olive oil is one of the sure ways to improve health whenever you get to prepare a meal with your oil.
  • Oiled up steak; Having a few drops of CBD oil in your steak is really going to be an exquisite experience. Consuming red meat and staying healthy.
  • CBD infused inhaler; Getting an inhaler for cold and some drops of CBD inserted in the inhaler will keep you on a steady dose of CBD. This is called fixing the cold, staying healthier and having ease of mind.
  • Craft beer; Homebrew beer with CBD infused in them would get you in the party mood and also get you healthy
  • Sublingual strips; Have you thought of taking a strip that freshens up your breathe and do an extra job; as a result, CBD infused in it, it's real, and on sale, you can get them.
  • CBD infused mouth wash; As weird as it may sound some drops of CANNABIDIOL oil in the mouth wash travels faster to the bloodstream and makes some good effects in the body. There are companies that are actually into the production of this CBD infused toothpaste to help people with gum problem so they can be relaxed and have healthy teeth.
  • Sprays; CBD can be infused into body spray to get muscle relaxation. 
  • Gum; Chewing gum for hours or longer is not really a benefiting act, but if there'sf a dosage of CBD in that long, you get a thumbs up. Companies have actually gone into CBD infused gum, and you can get them in the market. So chew gum, feel nice and stay healthy. Canchew is one company that produces CBD gum.
  • Bath soak; Having a bath soak after a long days work with CBD infused in the right dosage into your bathtub can help you relax those worked out nerves.

The methods mentioned above are not suitable for all individuals, you should know the best that works for you and some of the above-mentioned methods are for medical cases. Pick the methods that are best for you and make use of it.