April 04, 2017

The Fully Autonomous Nissan Leaf


 Tesla has been killing it in the electric car game in style and features.  They seem to have set the bar high and become the standard for electric cars.  They might soon have to worry about some compitition though; the Nissan Leaf is another electric vehicle that is on the market and will only set you back around $30,000.  Nissan is also working on a Leaf car that is fully autonomous. You heard right; fully autonomous.  Unlike an auto-pilot type mode, the Nissan Leaf autonomous prototype can change lanes, make turns, signal, accelerate, decelerate, detect objects, and much more. It is pretty amazing to watch, and also scary.  Imagine a road full of autonomous vehicles... no more taxi drivers, people asleep on their morning commute, essentially a road full of robots.  What are your thoughts on fully autonomous vehicles. Let us know in the comments below; in the meantime check out the Nissan Leaf Prototype in action.


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