September 04, 2019

Tacko Fall "My NBA Journey" Ep. 1

 tacko fall


 This past NBA Draft was an exciting one as there were some extremely talented players selected to go to the NBA.  It seemed as if everyone was super excited about the number 1 pick who has been compared to Lebron, Zion Williamson.  Beneath the Zion hype however, there are many other players with huge potential.  One of these players is Tacko Fall. Tacko Fall is a 7'7" Center from Senegal. Tacko shows great potential and is training to become faster and more mobile.  This past NBA Summer League, Tacko Fall became a fan favorite as Celtics fans chanted his name, wore gear, and held up signs adorning the young players name.  It is safe to say that Tacko is someone to look out for in the NBA, and not just for his height.  Tacko has great work ethic and is constantly working to become a better player (though his height does give him a major advantage).  Check out some coverage from Tacko's NBA journey below, presented by Overtime.