December 13, 2017

Swytch: Turn Any Bike into an E-Bike



 When it comes to transportation, there are many innovations being made to ensure that people can travel in a convenient and environmentally friendly way. One of these innovations is the electric bike.  It allows people to get to their destinations a little bit faster than an average bike.  But say you have a bike you love and don't want to give up, but also want an electric bike? No worries, there is a new piece of technology called Swytch.  Swytch allows you to turn any bike, yea thats right ANY bike, into an e-bike.  The Swytch system comes with a wheel, an electric motor, and a battery bag.  With this system, it will allow your new transformed bike go up to 50 miles using electric energy.  It even allows you the option to decide when or when you don't want to use the electric power.  Check out the video below to see Swytch in action and check out their indiegogo page HERE.