SÜTHE: The Water-Soluble CBD
February 13, 2019

SÜTHE: The Water-Soluble CBD

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 Cannabis which was once a product that was frowned at and seen as an illegal product is now welcomed by everyone, no doubt; this is because of the benefits in cannabis, did I say benefits in cannabis? Yes, a whole lot of benefits.

Cannabis has two major components in it, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD)

  • The THC is the compound that gives the “high” feeling when taking cannabis because it is a psychoactive compound.
  • The CBD is more of a medicinal and a health regenerating cannabis, and it is the major reason cannabis is highly sought-after lately.

The CBD is recorded to have several medicinal and health benefits, medicinal in that it can help recover from health defects and on the second it improves the state of health of the body. It has been scientifically proven that  CBD works in line with the endocannabinoid in our body system to increase an individuals state of health, and there are no recorded side effects. CBD may help you start living a healthier lifestyle. 

If you want to get all the health benefits of CBD without having the "high" feeling your best pick is Süthe.


Süthe is gotten from a 100% natural flower extraction process with no chemical or additive, and it is the first of it ’s kind. Süthe is a 100% water-soluble extract of CBD. Here are some reasons why süthe is more reliable;

It preserves the complete medicinal components of the plant.

Süthe extracts over 90% of the medicinal features of the cannabis with no additive nor chemicals in it, this fact was gotten from a laboratory test on the extraction technique of Süthe, so it is 100% the plant and no additions to it. This keeps the flavor and taste of the plant unchanged, and of course the elements, so you still get that natural feeling while you use süthe.

Extraction process

Industrial hemp CBD isolate is what is majorly used for most CBD products we see today. When this hemp isolate is used some compounds are not included after the process is complete. Terpenes, essential cannabinoid, and compounds are neglected in this industrial hemp isolate process. However, Süthe makes use of a whole flowers fluid for the extraction process and nothing else, this makes all compounds to be included and non neglected making sure the complete medicinal benefit is not tempered with, This process makes the bioavailability of Süthe very high.

More effective

Because Süthe is 100% the plant, it will work more effectively than any other product with additives and chemical mixtures in it.

Water solubility

Süthe is currently the only water-soluble product in the market; this makes süthe more compatible to our body system than any other product because the majority of our body system comprises of water, so it’s easy for a water-soluble substance to be absorbed in the body.


This is the level of dosage that enters into the bloodstream; the level counts separately for different products, CBD or no CBD. The bioavailability of the Süthe is so high that getting to the bloodstream happens in no time relative to products of its kind; this is because it is water solubility and the water in our body, so they exhibit a positive relationship with one another. This makes the average dosage to be consumed before it functions will relatively be low compared to products that have low bioavailability.


One can actually save by  consuming Süthe because of its bioavailability, most products demands you to consume more dosage before they begin to manifest, but a little dose of Süthe is effective, you save cost by not continuously replacing Süthe in no time because a little dose can get the job done unlike other products of it’s kind that you have to buy frequently because they have lost some compounds  in the extraction process, so you have  to consume them in much dosage.


It takes little or no time for süthe to start working because of its water-soluble feature, other product like those CBD that contain oil might take longer time to work, because the oil will not mix up easily with the water in our body system, the same reaction you get when you pour Vegetable oil into water, but Süthe is water compatible already, and that eases up the mixture and quickens the effect. Note that our body absorbs just 10% of oil-based CBD and 90% of water-based CBD.

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