March 05, 2017

Sustainable Hemp Eyewear

 We could go for days and write paragraphs on how plastics are harmful to the environment and how plastic waste is extremely detrimental to marine life, but we'd rather support people and companies that are looking to help change that.  Hemp Eyewear is making their sunglasses out of hemp instead of plastic!  They first launched 3 years ago and now they are back with a whole new collection of their stylish and eco-friendly glasses.  Their first kickstarter was in 2014 and was successfully funded; their new kickstarter campaign which features their new collection is on pace to be funded as well, as they have already raised over $4,000 of their $13,000 goal with 26 days to go!  So head over to their kickstarter page, and check out the video below to learn some more about these eco-friendly glasses.