October 09, 2017

Superego Presents: The Hemp Marketplace



 Superego has been providing quality hemp apparel since 2010.  Now we are excited to announce the introduction of our hemp marketplace!  You will find that our shop will now be stocked with some hemp lifestyle products and accessories. From body care products, to nutritional bars, to sunglasses, Superego has some exciting new hemp products coming to the shop; starting with Marley Natural and Humbly Hemp!

Marley Natural is a cannabis brand based on the life and legacy of Bob Marley.  We found that their selection of hemp body care products were a perfect fit for our site and audience. We hope you enjoy the quality lotions, oils, washes, and more that Marley Natural has to offer. 

Humbly Hemp is a snack company based in Los Angeles, they make amazing snacks free of junk and powered by Hemp, an incredibly sustainable superfood.  Their bars are not only delicious but also free of most of the common food allergens.


Shop our new hemp lifestyle products HERE