May 15, 2017

Soundwave Tattoos: Tattoos You Can Hear



 Over the decades, tattoo art has evolved over and over.  People get all types of unique tattoos, and its hard to walk down the street and not see people that are tatted up.  In fact, its safe to say that the stigma of tattoos is slowly being reversed.  Despite the progressiveness of the artform, there is yet another sense that tattoos are appealing to now besides sight... sound.  How you ask? Well, we don't really know exactly how "Soundwave" tattoos work, but a company called "Skin Motion" has claimed to have created tattoos that can speak.  Apparently, a certified Skin Motion artist can tattoo a soundwave on a person, and through the downloadable app, the sound can be played back.  Whether its a voice, a pet's noise, or maybe a song, the app claims to be able to play back up to 1-minute of sound. It seems like the app may simply be recognizing the picture of waves and playing a pre-recorded sound;  Either way the concept is kind of cool.  Check out a sneak peak below!