October 26, 2016

Solartab C: 'The World's Quickest Solar Charger'


 Solartab is staying ahead of their curve with their new portable charger.  Their solar chargers have been given rave reviews for convenience and effectiveness.  Their new solar charger now features USB-C connection, which they boast makes the charge super quick. You may be wondering what USB-C is; PCMag explains it like this: 

USB-C is the hot, new industry standard connector and cable used for connectivity and power . The USB-C connector was developed by the USB Implementers Forum, the group of companies that has developed, certified, and shepherded the USB standard. It counts over 700 companies in its membership, including Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung. This is important, because it's more likely to be accepted by the majority of PC manufacturers. Contrast this with the Apple-promoted (and developed) Lightning and MagSafe connectors, which have limited acceptance beyond Apple products. 

Its smart for Solartab to be on top of this new USB standard and allow people who are technologically advanced to access a solar alternative to electrical charging.  Check out their new solar charger below!