October 26, 2018

SodaStream Deploys an Ocean Sweeper in the Caribbean Sea

 sodastream holy turtle


 Many companies and organizations have been focused on ocean clean-up initiatives.  The plastic waste problem is a big one when it comes to marine life, and people are waking up and recognizing the issue.  SodaStream is the latest company to take action.  SodaStream is a company that lets people make carbonated water right in their own home.  Their CEO says “We can’t clean up all the plastic waste on the planet, but we each need to do whatever we can,” Birnbaum said. “The most important thing is to commit ourselves to stop using single-use plastic.”  He has committed to go even further, however.  In combination with some international executives and 7 local schools, SodaStream has organized an ocean clean-up.  The "Holy Turtle" has already started cleaning up plastics in the Caribbean sea.  The Holy Turtle is a 1,000-foot long contraptiont that is towed along by two marine vessels and covers a vast area of open water. Stay tuned for updates on the initiative.  Much respect to SodaStream and their CEO!