January 11, 2018

Social Decay: Social Networks in Ruins



 It is hard to imagine social networks such as facebook and instagram going extinct.  With the sheer amount of individuals who partake in social media on the daily it seems as if these social networks will never die. As history shows however, certain things become obsolete.  Although it is unlikely that the big social networks will be going anywhere anytime soon, there is always the possibility of these social networks evolving to something new and taking on new names.  For instance, when instagram first came out, it was strictly pictures.  Now, you can upload videos, go live, and even use money to promote your page.  The old instagram as we know it, no longer exists.  Although the name remains intact, as time goes on, all the social networks we use will continue to evolve, leaving old technology in the past.  

Social Decay is an art project by Russian Artist, Andrei Lacatusu.  He imagines these big social networks in ruins.  The metaphorical representation of these pieces open the conversation of what is to come of social media years from now. Check out some of the images below.