May 24, 2017

Slow: The "Anti-Energy" Drink


 We live in a society that is, for the most part, fast moving. Many people go from job to gym to school etc.  To accompany this on-the-go lifestyle, many people fuel themselves with coffee, energy drinks, and sugar to keep themselves going.  The downside is that these drinks are a temporary solution for fatigue.  If we really evaluate what is needed to help with fatigue, we realize that rest, meditation, or calming practices can help out in the long-run.  That is why Polish studio "Opus B" has created a drink concept designed to slow people down.  While it is just a concept for now, the calming milkshake would be made of natural ingredients and would come packaged in an hour-glass shaped container.  The design is meant for the drink preparation to be a slow process. You twist apart the two bottles, turn it upside down and it pours out slowly (like an hour-glass).  The ritual of watching the hour-glass coupled with the natural soothing ingredients of the milkshake would make the whole experience both relaxing and calming. Check out some images of the design below!



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