October 12, 2017

Selda- araabMUZIK X !llmind


 If you thought the art of sampling was dead in Hip-hop, think again.  Yes the "trap sound" has been a huge new movement in the past decade of hip-hop, but sampling is far from over.  Producers such as AraabMUZIK and !llmind prove that you can make modern sounding hip-hop production using classic samples. AraabMUZIK's upcoming EP "ONEofONE" will be released the end of this week, and his recent drop off of it sounds very impressive.  "Selda" is a perfect balance of the two producers skills.  The hard drums with the vocal sample make Selda a hard hitting track.  If the rest of the EP sounds anything like this drop, it should make for a great listen.  Check out Selda below!