March 09, 2018

Samsung's New QLED TV Blends Into Your Wall


 It seems as if every year there is some new TV or technology that blows peoples minds.  The new Samsung QLED TV does just that.  You may be asking what is "QLED"?, well the term is derived from the technology that is used: Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode... so yea its much easier to just say QLED.  One of the stand out features about this new QLED TV is that when it's off, it can blend in with the background wall. If you don't want that feature, you can put it ambient mode which will have it display news and weather when not in use.  The TV is obviously a smart TV and can be linked to plenty of smart devices. You can even use the voice-controlled smart remote to search something like "Action movie with Brad Pitt" and the TV will search accordingly. The TV has tons of other features, check out the video below to check them out!