February 05, 2019

Russell Westbrook Unveils his 'Super Soaker' Inspired Kicks



 Besides his extreme athletic ability, Russell Westbrook has always been known for his unorthodox fashion sense.  A few days ago against Boston he debuted a unique colorway of his Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 signature sneaker.  This specific colorway was inspired directly by Super Soaker, which was a popular water gun brand that peaked in the 1990's.  The colors on this "Super Soaker shoe" are vibrant, bright, and definitely stand out.  As he walked into the arena, in his hand, he was holding the sneakers packaged in packaging that a Super Soaker comes in.  Let's hope that Westbrook can wet up the competition with his scoring as the Playoffs approach. Check out some images of these dope Super Soaker inspired kicks below!


rb jordan super soaker

jordan super soaker inspired