January 21, 2019

Ricky Williams to Appear on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

 ricky williams


 Season 2 of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is premiering tonight on CBS.  The guests include Joey Lawrence, Kato Kaelin, Anthony Scaramucci, Tamar Green, Tom Green, Natalie Eva Marie, Lolo Jones, Ryan Lochte, and none other than our partner Ricky Williams. The show features celebrities living in a house together under 24-hour surveillance.  Each week a houseguest is voted off until there is one left; the remaining winner receives $500,000. Ricky is prepared and confident that he will do well on the show and get along with everyone. This will also be an opportunity for Ricky to showcase his skills as a healer and astrologer.  Hopefully, his talents will be useful in the house. Check out the inside interview below and watch the new season tonight on CBS at 9 pm PT.