March 25, 2019

Remembering Battle Rap Legend Tech 9

 tech 9


 It was saddening when we heard about the passing of Battle Rap Legend Tech 9.  He has had an extraordinary battle rap career and is one of the most unique battler rappers of all time.  His mix of aggression, comedy, and metaphors made every battle he was in very exciting and entertaining.  Even as he took a step back from the battle rap stage and transitioned into more of a commentator role, he still continued to leave a mark on the battle rap scene.  His humbleness, great personality, and ability to put smiles on everyone's faces is something that will never be forgotten.  As the rap community mourns a legend today and beyond, we would like to honor him and remember him for all he has done! Rest in Peace Tech 9.  Check out the compilation and memorial video below put together by Damnimwild.