October 10, 2019

Reebok Celebrates Allen Iverson's Impact on Culture

 allen iverson double cross


 Allen Iverson was a trailblazer during his time in the NBA.  Not only did he solidify his spot as one of the greatest scoring point guards of all time, but his impact on style and creativity is also unmatched.  Everyone remembers his signature and unapologetic look; the braids, the chains, the baggy clothes, the hip-hop influence.  He was 100% himself on and off the court.  The Hip-hop influence flowed through his style, appeal, and even his branded sneakers.  His Reebok commercials featured rappers such as Jadakiss and it was clear that Allen Iverson was creating a mark on the game that hadn't been made before.  Now, years later Reebok is celebrating Allen Iverson and his impact. They are releasing a new sneaker, the Question Mid Double Cross, which is a multi-colored remix of the classic Allen Iverson shoe. One shoe is white and red and the other is white and blue. In addition to the release of the new shoe, Reebok accompanies the release with a new “Crossover U” video and a series of five workshops on October 25th.  Check out the video below to hear more about Allen Iverson's impact on style, creativity, and culture.