September 17, 2018

Real Flamethrower vs 'Not a Flame Thrower' by Elon Musk

 boring company flame thrower


 The name Elon Musk has been popping up a lot in the news and on social media lately.  If you don't know the name, Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and the Co-Founder of PayPal.  Some of his latest ventures range from trying to develop a tunnel system in LA for traffic reduction to space exploration.  One of his smaller projects under his company "The Boring Company" was creating a recreational flame thrower.  The Boring Company decided to call it "Not a Flame Thrower" and when compared to others we can now see why.  One Youtuber, under the name, posted a video comparing the Boring Companies version of a flame thrower with a military grade flame thrower.  The results are surprising; let's just say there is no competition.  Watch the video below as a couple real flame throwers put Elon Musk's "Not a Flame Thrower" to shame.