July 28, 2017

Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs Kanye [Documentary Trailer]



 The relationship between rap stars Jay-z and Kanye West is one of the most interesting ones in the rap game.  The two have been close since the Roc-a-fella days, but the relationship has always been bittersweet.  Though Kanye has produced many records for Hov and despite creating Watch the Throne together, one can't help but notice the disconnect between the two.  They both have starkly different personalities and Kanye's outspoken attitude has created a sort of rift between them.  Some say that Jay-z has even thrown some jabs at Kanye on his new album.  Now there will be a documentary that explores their relationship. Channel 4 will be premiering the documentary "Public Enemies: Jay-z vs Kanye" next Monday at 10pm in the UK. Check out the trailer below; it definitely looks like must see tv.


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