January 31, 2017

Protect Your Mind


 Many people nowadays are thinking more and more about what they eat in terms of how it will affect their health. The old saying “You are what you eat” is finally being heeded and many have turned around bad eating habits. Many people are now gluten free, dairy free, or have turned to things such as a paleo-diet or being a vegetarian. The problem with taking up a new diet/food plan is that many do not also factor in the various vitamins that you may be missing by sticking to a certain food group. Serious issues can arise from people not receiving enough of certain vitamins. A common deficiency among many people is a lack of vitamin B, specifically B12. There are various other types of vitamin B that are also beneficial which will not be covered in this article (I encourage everyone to research!)

Vitamin B12 is used by our bodies to make DNA, regulate our nervous system, helps with the growth and formation of red blood cells as well as helping in Alzheimer’s disease prevention. Vitamin B12 was found through researching the causes of pernicious anemia, in which there are not enough red blood cells present in the body due to the lack of vitamin B12. B12 deficiency can lead to many things such as bad memory, inability to sleep soundly, general weakness, uneasiness, imbalance, and depression. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that based on their study, which evaluated individuals from 26 to 83 years old, over 40% of people had a general lack of vitamin B12.

B12 comes in the form of supplements and in a balanced diet. B12 can be found in many seafoods, clams especially, general red meat, dairy and poultry. B12 vitamins are an easy fix and many are even dissolvable chewables, for those who do not like taking pills. There additionally are various sprays that can be administered through mouth. (Additionally there is a nasal B12 spray...totally up to the reader, I don’t like the idea of taking vitamins in my nose!)

Today we are constantly trying to improve ourselves, be it through fitness, through charity work, or through diet. A balanced diet however, is nothing without a healthy understanding in nutrition.

Our body won’t always tell us when we feel bad. Be smart with what you eat. ‘ Til next type - M

Written by Michael Dour