February 15, 2017

[Pre-Sale] 'Corporate Dropout' Hemp Long Sleeve Shirt

 Superego is a brand that is founded by Corporate Dropouts, individuals who have chose to abandon the typical 9 to 5 office culture.  And while we don't knock those who work in an office setting, we promote a "go get it" and "work hard for what you want" lifestyle. No matter what you are passionate about, we believe you should chase it to your full potential.  Failure is eminent, but it's how you bounce back after failure that defines who you really are.

Kanye West's classic album "College Dropout" defined a new era.  It was a bold statement. In a society that enforces going to college, it showed many that you can be a dropout and still make it.  Using the ever-hardworking beaver as opposed to the Kanye bear, we hope to instill this same message with our new design.  Not that you should get up and quit your job, but that you shouldn't let anyone tell you what type of work you should be doing. Become your own boss, outwork the others, pursue your passion, become a Corporate Dropout.