September 05, 2019

Porsche Unveils New Fully Electric Car "Taycan"

 porsche taycan


 When you think of electric cars the first word that may come to your head is Tesla. Tesla has been dominating the electric car market for some time to the point that Tesla and electric car are almost synonymous terms.  There seems to be some new competition on the block however.  Porsche just recently unveiled their new fully electric sedan called the Taycan.  Porsche launched a global event at Canada, China, and Germany to unveil this electric sports car starting at $150,900.  For those with a heavier wallet and a love for sports cars and electric vehicles, this Taycan may be the perfect car for them.  Although the Taycan is fully electric, Porsche ensures that the performance will be top notch and boasts impressive speed and distance performances on the Taycan.  The Taycan can reach speeds up to 260 km/hour and can go 0-100 km in just 2.8 seconds. As far as distance goes, the Taycan has a range of up to 450 km.  

Porsche is proving that you can merge style, performance, and an electric functioning vehicle all in one.  Check out a short recap of their global event below to learn more details about this impressive electric sports car!