April 10, 2017

Pebby Lets You Play Fetch With Your Dog Remotely


 Those of you with pets and jobs know how difficult it is to keep your pet entertained while you are gone.  Pebby offers a solution.  Pebby is a remote controlled ball that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.  It has a built in camera that allows you to see your pet, and also is slobber-proof and scratch proof.  The other aspect of Pebby that makes it so advanced is that it can send you information on your pet, so that you can know when your pet could use some playing time. You can even share footage of your dog on social media after recording via the built-in camera. When you are done playing fetch, you can remotely roll the ball back into its charging station.  Pebby is sure to keep your pet entertained when you are out and busy. If you are interested in buying, follow @getpebby on twitter for updates on how to pre-order, in the meantime check it out in action below!