September 18, 2019

Parley and American Express Go Green with Recycled Card

 recycled amex card


 Companies are thinking of new and innovative ways to recycle plastic or completely replace plastic with biodegradable materials. There is still a lot of plastic waste in our oceans and shores that needs to be cleaned up, however.  And what is to be done with the plastic after it is gathered? Well, the best thing to do is recycle it and re-use it to give it a second life.  Parley for the Oceans has teamed up with American Express to create green credit cards out of reclaimed plastic collected from islands, beaches, and coastal communities.  Along with the cards, they have started a social media campaign around plastic pollution. The #BackOurOceans campaign is going on now and Parley and American Express stated that for every Instagram comment they get now until 9/23 they will remove 2 pounds of plastic from beaches and coasts. The new green cards can be expected by the end of this year.  American Express is also starting a card recycling program in 2020 where members can send their old cards to ensure they are recycled properly. These initiatives really shows that American Express is actively working to become a more sustainable company. Stay tuned for more news!